Default Setting

Set the ECAD interface environment for schematic and PCB designs.

  1. Change the login method by setting the Login Type.
    UDE supports General login and Altair SSO login methods.
    • General Login - is to log in through UDE’s own membership registration
    • Altair SSO - is automatic login through in-house SSO which requires additional customization.
  2. Set up the user timeout at the system management > default settings. If the user does not do any actions during that time, then will be logged out from UDE.
  3. Setting the response waiting time of the UDE interface app: Specify the response waiting time when the UDE interface function is activated for a certain interface.
  4. Use UDE interface app: Specify to use the UDE interface function.
  5. Schematic tool selection: Specify the schematic tool to be used in UDE.
  6. PCB tool selection: Specify the PCB tool to be used in UDE.
  7. Setting the relation schematic and PCB: Specify the default schematic and PCB tools to be used in the design process.
  8. Set the 3rd party provider by adding the credential information in the default settings of system management.
    Keep credential: option means the user maintains the current credential for the 3rd party provider. If the option is checked, the client ID and client secret text box are disabled. If it is unchecked, the client ID and client secret text box are enabled. The client secret does not have any value and it is better not to fill the previous value by the security issue.

    If this usage is activated, the new part request page displays the button to search parts from the 3rd party part.

  9. SSL/TLS for Apache Server and Database - Use the existing database connection method, or you can use the "SSL" feature if you want to increase data security.
  10. Save: Save current settings.