User Management

Manage user accounts and connections.

  1. Select User Management to manage user account information and permission.
  2. Search: Search user account by keyword.
    If you also want to get results containing specific words, users can with * in the search term. For example:
    • TEST* (Search string with prefix TEST)
    • *TEST* (Search string containing TEST)
    • *TEST (Search string with suffix TEST)
  3. Advanced search: Search by user ID or name.
  4. Add: Register a new user account without a request by a new user.
    A temporary password is sent to the e-mail ID of the user and the new user can login with the password. After login, the user should change the current temporary password to another. The new user can change the password on first access.
  5. Delete: Select the desired account and click Delete.
    The account information is not deleted immediately according to company security and data management regulations and changed to resigned. The deleted account information is deleted immediately or will be deleted after a certain time depending on the customer company’s policy. The status of employment information is changed, and this account cannot log in UDE System.
  6. User Detail Information: Click a user account ID to show and edit the user account information. The system administrator can change the user account information such as authorization, department settings, employment & resignation.
  7. HR Synchronization: If you have an HR system, the user account information can be synchronized.
    For more detail, please contact Altair Support.
  8. Password Setting: The Password Policy Requirements function was created to increase user account security. The location of the password setting function is in User Management and can be used by UDE Administrator. Click Password setting to set the various password requirements:
    • minimum length
    • maximum length
    • expire time in days, months, or years
    • use digits (0-9)
    • use lowercase characters
    • use UPPERCASE characters
    • use symbols at least one special character, e.g., ! @ # ? ] _ -
    Note: The default setting is set by Initialize button.
  9. Initialize Password: The Initialize Password Function was created to Reset the Password for the selected user. The location of the Initialize password function is in User Management and can be used by UDE Administrator.
  10. Select Connected user lists to view a list of users currently connected.
  11. To disconnect a user, select the check box next to the User ID and click Disconnect.
  12. Log: View the total usage record of all users. If a user ID is selected, the system shows the detailed log of the selected user.