Manage the class of parts, products, and blocks.

These are included in the UPMS Management and UDMS Management also and the administrator can edit them anywhere. It is possible to set up the class for blocks, but the function will be supported later, so it will be excluded from this guide.

  1. Add: Add a new class code which will be used in UDE system.
    You can specify the class information.
  2. Delete: Delete the selected class codes.
    The class code is not deleted in the system; it remains as a hidden item and the Hidden status is changed to Y.
  3. Permanent Deletion: Delete the selected class codes permanently.
    Note: Deleted class codes cannot be restored after permanent deletion.
  4. Restore: Restore selected hidden class codes.
    The Hidden status changes to N after codes are restored.
  5. Content order: Change the display order of the class codes. After specifying the order of the class codes, click Content Order to apply.
  6. Click the name of a class code to change the detailed information of that code.