ECAD Configuration

Specify the ECAD Tool settings that can be used on the UDE System.

  1. Add: Add a new ECAD tool which will be used in UDE system.
    You can specify the ECAD type, name and version.
  2. Delete: Delete the selected ECAD tools.
    The tool is not deleted in the system; it remains as a hidden item and the Hidden status is changed to Y.
  3. Permanent Deletion: Delete the selected ECAD tools permanently.
    Note: Deleted ECAD tools cannot be restored after permanent deletion.
  4. Restore: Restore selected hidden ECAD tools.
    The Hidden status changes to N after tools are restored.
  5. Content order: Change the display order of the ECAD tools. After specifying the order of the tools, click Content Order to apply.
  6. Click the name of an ECAD tool to change the detailed information of that tool.