Logic Tutorial

PollEx Logic is used to review the schematic design. Checking symbols and nets in sheets are possible.

  1. Launch PollEx Logic and open a PollEx Logic Binary file.
    1. Click PollExLogic from the PollEx Launcher.
    2. Click File > Import CAD > SDB Binary and open PollEx_Logic_Sample_r1.0.sdbb from C:\ProgramData\altair\PollEx\<version>\Examples.
  2. Change Sheet Number.
    1. Select sheet name 005 from the toolbar.

      Figure 1.

      Figure 2.
  3. Zoom Window.
    1. From the menu bar, click View > Zoom Window.
    2. Select the desired rectangle area as shown below.

      Figure 3.

      Figure 4.
  4. Query for Symbol.
    1. Right-click U1.
    2. Click Property.

      Figure 5.
    3. Click the Symbol tab in the Property dialog to check the properties of part and symbol.

      Figure 6.
  5. Query for Net Information.
    1. Right-click MCU_XTOPLL.
    2. Click Property.

      Figure 7.
  6. Search (Explorer) Object.
    1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Explorer.

      Figure 8.
    2. Select All Sheet in the Explorer pane and double-click RC1005J101CS.

      Figure 9.

      Figure 10.
    3. Select Ref Name and enter U204 in the search field.
    4. Click Search.
    5. Double-click U204 from the list.

      Figure 11.
    6. Select Net and enter MCU_HDMI_TX0P in the search field.
    7. Click Search.
    8. Double-click MCU_HDMI_TX0P from the list.

      Figure 12.
  7. Symbol Viewer.
    1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Symbol Viewer.

      Figure 13.

      Figure 14.
    2. Select HDMI_A_23P.smb from the list.
    3. Click View/Attribute to check the part pin information.
  8. Extract Schematic Data.
    1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Schematic Data Extractor.
    2. Select Component and move the following items to right:
      • Reference Name
      • Symbol Name
      • Part Name
      • Part Attribute (CAPACITANCE nF, RESISTANCE ohm, INDUCTANCE uH)
    3. Click Make List.

      Figure 15.
    4. Click Export MS Excel.

      Figure 16.
    5. Select Net and move the following items to right:
      • Net Name
      • Ref-Pin
      • Reference PartName
    6. Click Make List.
    7. Click Export MS Excel.
  9. Change Net Name.
    1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Net Name Replacement.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Enable the Net Name checkbox.
    4. For Original, enter MCU_DISD1.
    5. For Replacement, enter MCU_ADISD1.
    6. Click OK.

      Figure 17.
    Replaced Name is applied in the schematic design, but text of the net name is not changed.