DFE Result Confirmation

You can confirm the results when the selected test is completed.

The result file has an extension of SDFER, and it is possible to view only the result afterwards. In other words, the result can be sent to another person who requests only the result data, and the identical result can be viewed by that person as well.

The initial result window is as follows.

Figure 1.
  • Navigation Tree: This section shows the test categories. It is shown in a tree-structure to make it convenient for checking each category.
  • Save: This button allows the result data to be saved.
  • Load: This button is for loading the result data (.SDFER). The saved result data can be sent to others separately to enable sharing of the result.
  • View Input: Change a mode to DFE Input Setup dialog.
  • Excel Export: This button allows the result data to be saved in an Excel file format. User defined format allows the user to define each category as he needs and save it in excel file. Further details are shown as follows.
  • Guide Book: Upon clicking this button, the document registered from the Environment-Reference File Link menu is opened.
  • Home: Return to the list of item results.