Pin Arrangement

Define names and arrangement of pins.

Pin arrangement status is displayed in the dialog.

Figure 1.
  1. Pin Arrangement: Define the pin arrangement type of part.
    You can select one row, two rows, quad and array type. Depending on the package type, the pin arrangement is fixed or configurable.
  2. Total Pin Count: Display the total pin counts (not editable).
  3. Defined Pin Count: Display the pin counts defined in the arrangement setting.
  4. Arrangement Setting: Define pin directions and pin counts of each row.
  5. Define the Pin Properties: Define the first pin and the pin usage.
    1. Enable Pins: Enable pins which are disabled.
    2. Disable Pins: Disable pins which won’t be used.
  6. User Pin Arrangement: You can define the pin arrangement freely.
    1. User Define Row/Column: Define the pin arrangement row/column direction and counts.
      • Direction: Define the pin arrangement row/column direction (select Horizontal or Vertical).
      • Pin count per line: Define the count of the pin arrangement row /column.
      • Pin assign status: Display and define the pin counts per each row / column.
  7. Enable ZigZag: Check to set the pin arrangement style as zigzag.
    1. Priority of left: Select the number type of the left pin (Odd or Even).
  8. Pin Naming: Define the direction of pin numbering.
    1. Pin naming: Define the direction of pin numbering (Horizontal or Vertical).
    2. First pin: Define the location of first pin (Left-Top or Left-Bottom, Right-Top or Right-Bottom)
  9. Pin Name Assignment: Define the type and assignment direction of the pin names.
    1. Include Disabled Pins: Check if the disabled pins are included or not when assigning pin names.
    2. Type: Select the pin name type. (Select Numeral or Alphabet)
    3. Naming Direction: Select the pin naming direction (counterclockwise (CCW) or clockwise (CW)).