EM Solver Run Control Parameters

EM solver run control parameters control running built-in 2-D and 3-D electromagnetic full-wave field solvers.

Various numerical analysis schemes such as finite-element and moment methods are employed for the EM solvers. The run control parameters include the lower and upper bounds of frequency points, number of frequency points for output, and frequency sweep type (linear or quadratic).
  • Lower/Upper bound of frequency points (MHz): Specify the frequency ranges for electromagnetic field simulation.
  • Number of frequency points for output: Specify the desired output saving frequencies.
  • Frequency sweep type: Quadratic, Linear
  • Number of frequency points for output: Specify the number of frequency point for output.
  • Power/Ground plane modeling:
    • Ideal: During analysis, the Power/Ground Plane specified in the layer stackup is regarded as an ideal infinite plane and analyzed.
    • Real: When performing the analysis, it does not refer to the plane information specified in the PCB layer stackup, but searches for the reference plane by using the Net Type information set in Properties/Nets. In transmission line modeling, the reference plane reflects the real shape, not the ideal plane.
    • Consider co-planar coupling with grounds: Include nearby ground traces and planes in the same layer in trace parasitic models for network and net topology analyses.