Restricted PDBB

Save some parts of whole board, after selecting nets and connected components for selected nets.

When sharing designs, you can cut only the area where the main parts or nets are placed and share them. From the menu bar, click File > Export To > Restricted PDBB. The Export Restricted PDBB dialog opens.

Figure 1.
You have three options for saving design: save component placement information only, save selected area only, and save design depending on objects and related objects.
  • Export Component Only: Save design for only components placement. At this status, routing and non-electrical information will be excluded at saving.
  • Export Selected Area Only: Gives you two selection method. One is selecting rectangle area and the other is selecting arbitrary area.
  • Export by Object Selection Method: Gives you two selection menu windows. Combining two windows’ selections, user can select objects. If Window 1 selection is Component, Window 2 selection will be Net and vice versa. It means user can select component and its connected net and vice versa. Using Search button menu, user can find necessary objects in Window 1. Automatically include other connected components. If Window 1 selection is Component, Window 2 selection will be Net automatically. In this case, and if this checking is turn on status, PollEx PCB will save also save include other side component also.

Figure 2.