Quench System Database

The quench system database allows you to save created quench systems. You can retrieve the stored quench systems from the database to reuse in future simulations.

From the Quenching ribbon, click the rectangular box on the Quench tool.

The Quench System Database dialog opens. The left hand side of the dialog lists the existing quench systems already saved in the database. Clicking a quench system displays the details of the quench system in the right hand side of the dialog.

Add a Quench System to Database

To add a quench system to database, quench system setup must be completed. You can add only the current quench system created/modified in that session.

Click on the icon in the Quench System Database dialog.
The current quench system is saved to the database.

Delete a Quench System from Database

  1. Select the quench system to be deleted from the list.
  2. Click on the icon to delete the selected quench system.

Load a Quench System from Database

  1. Open the Quench System Database dialog and select the quench system to be loaded.
  2. Click Load.
The selected quench system will be loaded into Inspire Extrude.