Quenching Analysis Overview

A quick overview of the quenching analysis procedure.

Step 1: Import CAD Geometry
CAD geometry can be a solid part or just a surface of the cross-section of the profile.
Inspire Extrude supports all popular CAD formats to import the tool geometry.
Step 2: Orient the Model
Set the orientation so that the profile is positioned at Y=0.0 on the runout table. This is accomplished with the Orient tool.
Step 3: Create the Profile Solid
By clicking on the imported profile solid/surface, the profile solid is created. The length of the profile solid is typically in meters, and it is user data.
Step 4: Design or Load the Quench System

Design Quench System

Use the quenching interface to design Immersion Cooling, Spray Cooling, Air Nozzle Cooling and Air Fan Cooling quench systems. Create any individual quench system or combination of the 4 types of cooling systems.

Load the Quench System from the Database

Load an available quench system from the database. Save and reload quench systems.
Step 5: Select Materials
You are required to select a workpiece material and a coolant.
If the workpiece material does not have a TTP curve, default data is assumed by the solver.
Step 6: Submit for Analysis
Specify the puller speed, simulation time, and mesh size; and then submit for analysis.
Step 7: Result Visualization
When results are available, you will be able post-process them in Inspire Extrude or in HyperView.