Limitations for SimSolid Analysis

Limitations for SimSolid versus OptiStruct analysis.

Inspire users should be aware of the following limitations when running a SimSolid analysis vs. an OptiStruct analysis:

  • Run Part Analysis on the Motion ribbon is not supported
  • Multiple boundary conditions (loads, supports, displacements, etc.) can’t be placed on the same feature in the same load case
  • Boundary conditions can’t be placed on imprinted points
  • Supports at a point must be fixed so that there is no translation or rotation in any direction
  • Fastener pretension and stiffness attributes are not supported
  • User-defined systems are not supported
  • All runs are local sequential
  • There is no run history
  • Remote loads do not animate with the results
  • Reaction forces cannot be extracted
  • Undo does not work on deleted results