Reaction Forces in SimSolid

Use the Reaction Forces tool to visualize the resultant forces and moments between parts, or at supports or grounded fasteners.

Select a part, support, or grounded fastener to view its reaction forces.

Figure 1. Example 1: Reaction Forces

The reaction forces are summarized in a table that appears below the modeling window. This table and the visualization of the resultant forces are only available after running a SimSolid analysis.

Figure 2. Reaction Forces Table
  • Use the Supports tab to view a summary of the reaction forces for selected supports, grounded fasteners, and fixed parts. If a single support or grounded fastener is selected, then the reaction force and moment at the selected support or fastener is shown. The reaction center in this case is the center of gravity of the single support or grounded fastener. If several supports or grounded fasteners are selected, then total reaction force and moment are shown, and the reaction center is the center of gravity of all selected supports and fasteners.
  • Use the Parts tab to view a summary of the reaction forces for a selected part. This will display a summary of all connection and support forces excluding applied loads, but including body loads such as gravity.
  • Copy the data to an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the table, right-clicking in the table to open the context menu, and selecting Copy.
  • The table is automatically filtered to show reaction forces for the first run and load case. Click the filter icon in the Run or Load Case column header to change the filter.