Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls


To do this Press
Window select Left Mouse Drag
Append selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Deselect Shift + Left Mouse Click
Select displayed Ctrl + A
Select all Ctrl + Shift + A
Select adjacent Ctrl + J
Select attached Ctrl + T
Select similar (based on type and config if applicable) Ctrl + M
Reverse selection Ctrl + R
Quick advanced selection

Configurable via Mouse Control Preferences

Alt + Left Mouse Click
Adjust feature angle when selecting elements By Face or By Edge Alt + Scroll
Suspend snaps Alt
Clear selection Esc

Entity Selector

To do this Press
Set to lines L
Set to points/parts P
Set to solids/surfaces/systems S
Tip: For entity types that have the same first letter (solids, surfaces), continually press the keyboard shortcut to alternate between entity types.