FEMT 2023: Separation of Iron Losses


Before FEMT 2023, only the map of Total Iron losses was displayed.

Starting from FEMT 2023 release, there are three maps computed and displayed:
  • Rotor Iron Losses
  • Stator Iron Losses
  • Total Iron Losses (Rotor + Stator)
Remarque : not available with MTPA Fast and MTPV Fast modes (iron losses are not computed)

New Maps

Data Panel Iron Losses map




Specific use cases

  • For FEMT projects computed with a release before FEMT 2023, in FEMT 2023 the separation of iron losses (rotor and stator) is not computed. So no rotor iron losses map or stator iron losses map is computed, only the global map is displayed (rotor + stator iron losses). In this case, the rotor and stator iron losses maps are black.
    Black Rotor Iron Losses map Black Stator Iron Losses map
  • Following the modeling done by the user in the Flux project, it is possible to have iron losses only in the Rotor or only in the Stator. It depends on the type of region in the Rotor or Stator. Only the laminated region is taken into account when computing iron losses. In this case, the separated map without iron losses should also be "black".