Essential Information about Flux 2023

Essential information about Flux 2023
In order to use the version, you need:
  • Altair Units License file Version 23.0
  • Altair License Manager (ALM) Version 15.2
  • Altair License Utility (ALMUtil) Version 15.2
Flux 2023 is available for Windows and Linux OS:
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 11 Professional
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle 8.4
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3.
    Avertissement : In Flux PEEC, the Linux distribution does not support the MUMPS LU Preconditioner of the Compression solver for inductive computations. Please use a different Linux distribution or another preconditioner.

The Linux version is qualified with the Gnome Classic with X11 display server. It is highly advisable to use the Gnome Classic with X11 display server to run Flux on Linux.

Flux 2023 takes into account the feedback from several users, and around 41 customer issues have been fixed in this version.
Distributed computing with MPI is available in Flux for Windows and Linux and can be used with PBS. However, qualification on Windows cluster connected with InfiniBand has not been done and Linux clusters are highly recommended for parallel computing.

(Supported version: Intel MPI to 2021.8)

The ASML Mesher (Altair Solid Meshing Library) is a volume mesher which is the proprietary of Altair. The ASML mesher was integrated with the Flux 2023 release. It is intended to replace the MeshGems mesher in the long term. The MeshGems mesh generator will disappear in a future version. For this Flux 2023 release, the both meshers can be used, the default mesher is always MeshGems.
Minimum memory required:
  • For Flux 2D: 8 GB of RAM
  • For Flux 3D, Skew and PEEC: 12 GB of RAM