Flux 2023: New and Updated Macros

Here the list of new and updated macros implemented in the Flux 2023 release.

LUT_4SystemAnalysis_nphases (new)

Adaptation of the LUT_4SystemAnalysis macro for any number of phase number.

There are three new macros:

  • LUT_2D_4SystemAnalysis_nphases
  • LUT_3D_4SystemAnalysis_nphases
  • LUT_Skew_4SystemAnalysis_nphases
Those macros create look up table of φDQ, LD, LQ and rotor position. It will create a new Magneto-Static project from the magnetic transient one. In the Magneto-Static project the current is driven with ID and IQ allowing to extract easily all the needed tables. At the end of the oml file in comment there is the possibility to display LD, LQ and torque versus ID and IQ with Altair Compose.

Plus, the outputs written in a .mat file that can be read for Flux-Activate/PSIM coupling. This macro has been created to make system analysis of your e-motors easier.

Important : It is recommended to use those macros with parallel computing on to have correct computation time. Parallel computing works for the Skew Application in the macro.

MeshingForShapeOptim (New)

This macro controls and generates meshes adapted to Free Shape Optimization problems. The macro can be executed by simply selecting the lines for optimization. The macro will disable relaxation on these lines and enable relaxation on faces with a value between 0 and 1 (defined by the user).The sharpness of the created optimization mesh is controlled with the mesh size input parameter. This has a huge impact on the optimization result. The mesh size of the lines for optimization can be also controlled.

BertottiIronLossesVsSlipAcIm & BertottiIronLossesVsSlipAcImSk (New)

Theses macros have been updated to stop using deprecated iron losses model that won’t appear in the 2023 version of Flux.

Avertissement : The new iron loss computation uses different coefficients to work, here are the relation to get the new ones:

If you were scripting this macro, please modify the coefficient to obtain correct results.

CreateFluxMotorInnerMagnetWithGeometricParameter (New)

This macro creates an Excel file which is the input format for FluxMotor part Library. It will allow importing a file with FluxMotor, keeping the geometric parameters used by points definitions.