Entity selection: Selection filter

Selection filter: definition

During the selection of entities, only one entity-type is identified as being selectable:

  • it is possible

    to select the points 1 and 2

    or to select the lines 4 and 5

  • it is not possible

    to select the points 1 and the line 5

A selection filter makes it possible to identify, constantly, the entity-type selectable.

Selection filter: actualization

How the selection filter is actualized?

For all the entities (graphic and non graphic), the selection filter is brought up to date with the operations of selection. I. e.:

  • with the choice of an entity-type in the data tree
  • with the opening of a selection box

For the graphic entities, the selection filter can be activated directly by the user with the commands in the menu Selection or in the toolbar Selection.

Menu Selection

The proposed choices in the menu Selection or in the toolbar Selection, relate to the graphic entities; they are presented in the figure and the table below.

Choice Description
No selection nothing selectable
Free selection

all is selectable

The first entity which will be selected by the user will determine the entity-type selectable

Select points the points are selectable