Steady state AC Electric line (3D) / point (2D) region


The line (in 3D) / point (in 2D) regions are:

  • either material regions: used to model filiform regions in the study domain

  • or non-material regions: used to impose boundary conditions (BC) inside or on the frontiers of the study domain

Material regions (filiform regions)

Filiform regions enable the modeling of conducting regions of small cross-section.

The filiform regions are described in the same way that the massive regions, with in addition the cross-section of the region.

In 3D, the direction of the electric field is imposed by Flux. The electric field is usually considered tangent to the line that models the filiform region.

Non-material regions

Non-material regions enable to impose the boundary conditions (BC).

A region of type…

is a BC that enables one to impose… It is defined by…
Perfect conductor an uniform electric potential and a normal electric field

an electric potential: floating or fixed value (in V)

Imposed electric potential

an electric potential (time or space dependent)

an electric potential (in V) (formula with input/output parameters or formula with spatial quantities)

… on the lines that form the region