Formula with geometric parameters


A formula with geometric parameters is an expression that allows handling geometric parameters in different contextsgeometry, mesh, physics.


A formula with geometric parameters is used to define:

  • a geometric parameter
  • a parameterized quantity: the coordinate of a point, the position of a coordinate system, …


The parameterized expression is “directly” evaluated during the creation of concerned entities.


The example below shows the use of a formula in the geometry context

The circumference of a circle is equal with 2* π *R, where R is the radius of the circle.

The geometric parameter CIRC can be written as function of another geometric parameter (RADIUS) by using the following formula (or expression):


Formula and context

The use of these formulas in different working contexts is explained in the table below.

In the context of … the formulas are used to define …
  • geometric parameters
  • coordinate systems
  • transformations
  • points
  • mesh points
  • mesh line of type:
  • Length of line elements at extreme points
  • Geometric with minimum distance
  • coordinate systems for anisotropic materials, non-meshed coils, field sources
  • non-meshed coils