Formula with I/O (input/output) parameters


A formula with I/O parameters is an expression that allows handling I/O parameters in different contexts – physics, kinematics, circuit, results post-processing.


A formula with I/O parameters is used to define:

  • another I/O parameter
  • the current in a coil, a sensor, …


The formula is evaluated:

  • during the solving process by using information on control of the parameter
  • during the evaluation of sensors in the context of results post-processing


The example below shows the use of a formula in the physical context for a magnetic application.

The value of the current in a coil is given by I = I0 sin(ωt)

The I/O parameter CURRENT_VAL can be expressed as function of other I/O parameters (I0, FREQ, TIME) by using the following formula:


Additional information

Additional information on I/O parameters and corresponding formulas is available in chapter Parametric analysis: principles .