No-circuit solid conductors description in 2D


In 2D, in Magnetic Transient and Steady State AC Magnetic applications, a region of solid conductor type can be defined by:
  • a solid conductor which component is defined by the circuit (see image below). For more information, please report to the "Circuit coupling" chapter.

  • a "No circuit" solid conductor which has no component defined in the circuit. In this case, the currents flowing in the conductors are only eddy currents. This page explains the "No circuit" solid conductor regions types which exist in Flux2D.

No circuit solid conductor in 2D plane

The following table details the regions of no circuit solid conductor type in 2D plane:
Configuration Choice in Flux

The conductors are connected in parallel.

The eddy currents flow into all solid conductors.

Example: Squirrel cage of induction machine

For all the solid conductor regions to connect in parallel, choose:

No circuit: Conductor in parallel with all others of this same type

The conductor is not connected to any other conductor.

The eddy currents flow and close inside the considered solid conductor.

Example: Conducting magnets.

No circuit: Open circuit conductor

No circuit solid conductor in 2D axisymmetric

In 2D axisymmetric, only one "no circuit" solid conductor region exists: No circuit: Closed conductor, as each conductor geometrically closes on itself.

Here is the equivalent electrical circuit: