Connected circuit

Methods of analysis: reminder

The analysis methods of the electric circuit are those mentioned above:

  • method of mesh currents in the Flux 2D solver
  • method of the node integrated potentials in the Flux 3D

To apply these methods, a certain number of constraints must be respected. These constraints are described in the following blocks.

Connected circuit: definition

A connected circuit is a circuit in which there is a path between any two nodes (allowing passage from any node to any other node by a path).

Constraints ( former 2D)

Constraints (in former 2D) are the following:

  • only one current source by mesh
  • description of a connected electric circuit

To describe several electric circuits (in 2D) and keep the condition of connected circuit, it is necessary to add a connection between the circuits as that is presented in the figure below.

These connections bear no influence on the electric behavior of the electric circuit.

Unconnected circuit Connected circuit


It is necessary to have the presence of an electrical ground (potential set to 0 Volt) for each connected circuit