Create motor winding with solid conductor.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document


  • Height of slot
  • Length of the top of the slot
  • Length of the bottom of the slot
  • Length of the liner
  • Internal radius of stator
  • Height of the closing slot
  • Height of the isthmus
  • Number of slots per pole per phase
  • Part of winding represented
  • Slot pitch (in degree)
  • Diameter of the wire
  • Thickness of the insulator
  • 1 if you want to represent the insulator in the geometry (0 for not representing it)
  • Space between 2 conductors and double the space between 1 conductor and the liner
  • Number of conductor per slot
  • 0 for 3 phases system with 1slot/pole/phase system (1 otherwise)


  • All regions are created
  • All solid conductors are created
  • Regions are connected to solid conductors