Create initial parametrized non-meshed coil for 3D radial motor.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document


  • Enter name of the non-meshed coil
  • Enter radius of left part
  • Enter radius of right part
  • Enter radius of medium part of the coil
  • Enter Z length of straight part
  • Enter Z length of extra part
  • Enter Z length of stator lamination
  • Enter opening angle between in and out slots
  • Select coordinate system for defining the coil (cylindrical one)
  • Enter the whole number of coils to be created
  • Enter the angle between 2 stator slots (in degree)
  • Enter the radius of the non-meshed coil
  • Enter the radius between vertical and horizontal part
  • Enter the radius in the middle of top and bottom part
  • Select a coil conductor
  • Enter the number of turns
  • Select the mechanical set


  • Create geometric parameters
  • Create initial non-meshed coil
  • Create coordinate systems for the other non-meshed coils to create (with DuplicateNonMeshedCoils.PFM macro)