This macro represents the hysteresis cycle of a material, which magnetic property is described according with Jyles-Atherton or Preisach models.

It will launch a parametric study, varying maximum magnetic field (Hmax) to represent several hysteresis cycles.

Warning: When this macro is launched, the current Flux project will be closed and a new one is launched. To save the initial project previously is highly recommended.
Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document


  • Minimum value of Hmax
  • Maximum value of Hmax
  • Simulation step of Hmax
  • Name prefix for CSV files
  • Material with BH hysteresis cycle to run the analysis


  • Several CSV files including: the hysteresis cycles, the addition of all these cycles, table of remanent induction and table of coercive field, both as function of maximum magnetic field (Hmax)
  • All the previous data saved as CSV files will be also stocked as 2D curves in a new Flux project