The "TorqueComputationArcad.PFM" macro permits to calculate the module as well as the three components, on X, Y and Z, of the torque (with respect to a pivot point) due to the Laplace force acting on the assembly of conductors.

The result, expressed in Newton-meter, is displayed in the "History zone” of the working window of Flux PEEC and it is equally stored in the data tree as a "Computation result" entity in the "Post-Processing" menu.

It should be noted that the torque is calculated only for the current step of the solving scenario.


  • Coordinates of the pivot point with respect to which the torque will be calculated
  • Coordinate system in which the coordinates of the pivot point are expressed
  • Conductor(s) for which to carry out the torque computation


  • Result display in the History zone and stored in the data tree as "Computation result" entity in the "Post-Processing" menu