The "ArrowsExport.PFM" macro permits to export in a text type file the values of the arrows that are displayed in the graphic zone of Flux PEEC. For each arrow, the macro exports nine values:
  • Three coordinates (X, Y and Z) of the point in which the arrow is drawn
  • Module and the phase of the three components (X, Y and Z) of the physical quantity displayed by the arrows. It should be noted that only the three modules are exported if the frequency is equal to 0 Hz (DC), as in this case there are no phases for the displayed quantities

The exportable physical quantities are the same as those that can be represented as arrows, namely:

  • Current density
  • Magnetic flux density
  • Laplace force density (the average component as well as the ω pulsating component)

The supports on which the values of the arrows can be exported are the conductors (unidirectional and bidirectional) and the 2D grid.


  • Name and extension of the file in which to save the exported results


  • file with nine values exported