The PRE File for Adaptive Sampling

During solution, the variable #adaptfreq is defined automatically at the start of the single frequency input files generated by the ADAPTFEKO utility. This variable may be used to allow for frequency-based variation (for example, adaptive meshing).

You should not directly assign this name to a variable inside the .pre file or in CADFEKO as this will overwrite the value specified by ADAPTFEKO. If this variable is needed (for example to run PREFEKO during model setup when using adaptive meshing), the DEFINED function should be used in the .pre file, for example:
** define a frequency variable if it is not already defined by an ADAPTFEKO run
!!if (not(defined(#adaptfreq))) then
#adaptfreq = 250.0E6
Note: Care must be taken when using adaptive meshing with ADAPTFEKO. Small discontinuities may result from changes in the mesh can have a dramatic effect on the convergence and accuracy of the adaptive sampled results.