Creating a Package Configuration File

Specify the settings to control the simulation and queueing process.

  1. Launch QUEUEFEKO.
    Figure 1. The component, QUEUEFEKO.

  2. Click File > New configuration.
    Figure 2. The New package configuration dialog.

  3. In the Base file field, select the base .pre file or .cfx file.
  4. In the Launch component field, select one of the following:
    • To run the Solver, select Solver.
    • To do an optimisation, select OPTFEKO.
  5. In the Number of parallel processes field, enter the number of parallel processes allocated on the local machine.
  6. In the Maximum RAM per process field, enter the maximum number of allowed RAM to be used on the cluster machine.
  7. In the Maximum wall clock time field, enter the maximum allocated time to run the simulation on the cluster machine.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog.