Feko Applications

Feko is applicable to a wide range of applications in electromagnetic engineering.

The wide range of applications can be attributed to the support for various solution methods and the hybridisation of the methods. No single solution methods is applicable to the full frequency range and model complexity. Feko is uniquely positioned to efficiently solve models with a wide range of complexities and size.

Figure 1. Illustration of the applications of Feko.

Feko is used in, but not limited to, the following applications:
Antenna design
Analysis of wide-ranging antenna. Examples include wireless communication devices and systems (FM, GPS, 3G, TV, LTE and MIMO), reflector antenna, antennas for radars, antennas with radomes and many more.
Antenna placement
Analysis of antenna and the interaction with electrically large environments. Examples include antennas on vehicles, aircraft, satellites, ships, cellular base-stations, including radiation patterns, co-site interference and RADHAZ analysis.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis
Analysis which involve cables, which either radiate through imperfect shields and cause coupling into other cables, devices or antennas, or which receive (irradiation) external electromagnetic fields (radiated from antennas or leaked through other devices) and then cause disturbance voltages and currents potentially resulting in a malfunctioning of the system.
Radar cross section / scattering
Analysis and scattering of large metallic / dielectric and composite structures, for example, aircraft, vehicles, tanks, ships, buildings and wind turbines.
Analysis of complex shapes, multi-layer and electrically large structures.
Analysis of complex waveguide components, for example, waveguide filters and couplers.
Analysis of human-structure interaction, for example, hearing aids, active and passive implants using pacemakers, neural implants, stents and microwave imaging technologies.
Microstrip circuits
Analysis using optimised formulations for layered media, for example, microstrip antenna array and split ring resonators.
Special materials
Analysis of frequency selective surfaces (FSS), anisotropic materials (for example, carbon fiber) and metamaterials.