Antenna Placement

It is often necessary to understand (and optimise) how an antenna's performance is influenced by the structure (for example, an aeroplane, vehicle or ship) it is mounted on.

The electrically large nature of the structures that need to be considered make them challenging to simulate. Feko’s solver offering make it the leading tool for antenna placement and co-site interference analysis.

Key features:
  • multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) for the efficient simulation of electrically large platforms.
  • True hybridised, asymptotic solvers for simulation of electrically very large platforms.
  • Model decomposition allows equivalent representation of transmit / receive antenna to reduce computational requirements.
  • Unique characteristic mode analysis (CMA) solver for understanding placement aspects.
Figure 1. Wireless antenna placement in a vehicle (on the left) and co-site interference analysis for a naval platform (to the right).