Workflow for Connecting Discontinuous Mesh and Geometry Parts

View the workflow for domain connectivity (discontinuous Galerkin domain decomposition method) to connect discontinuous mesh and geometry parts using CADFEKO to set up the model and EDITFEKO to define the domain connectivity.

Note: Use this workflow when setting up domain connectivity in EDITFEKO.

Domain connectivity can also be defined in CADFEKO.

Connect discontinuous mesh and geometry parts using the following workflow:
  1. Assemble the model in CADFEKO and define all settings and requests.
  2. Save the model. CADFEKO creates the .pre file.
  3. Open the .pre file in EDITFEKO.
  4. Define the domain connectivity using the DC card.
    • Specify the number of connections.
    • Define for each connection the labels of the corresponding faces.
      Tip: To view the label names for the relevant faces, view the model in POSTFEKO and colour the mesh by label1. Add a legend to view the labels per colour2.
    • Define for each connection a tolerance distance, in order to distinguish between regions, where a gap in the model is desired (or not desired).
  5. Run PREFEKO to create the .fek file for the simulation.
  6. Run the Solver to simulate the model.
1 On the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Mesh tab, in the Rendering group, click the  Mesh colour icon. From the drop-down list, click  Mesh colour.
2 On the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Display tab, in the Legends group, click the  Top left icon.