Shortcut Keys

View the shortcut keys available for EDITFEKO for faster and easier operation of EDITFEKO.

Keyboard shortcut keys help you to save time accessing actions that you perform regularly. The shortcut key or key combination is also displayed in the tooltip that is displayed when you hover the mouse over the action on the ribbon.

Table 1. EDITFEKO shortcut keys
Shortcut Key Description
Feko Components
Alt+2 Run PREFEKO.
Alt+4 Run Solver
Alt+8 Open the Feko terminal.
General Editing and Construction
F1 Edit card in panel. If a panel is already open, open contextual help for the card.
Ctrl+A Select all (text).
Ctrl+C or Ctrl Ins Copy to clipboard.
Ctrl+G Goto line.
Ctrl+N New .pre file.
Ctrl+O Open file.
Ctrl+P Print.
Ctrl+Q Exit.
Ctrl+S Save.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+X or Shift+Del Cut to clipboard.
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Ctrl+Y Redo.
Alt+C Comment line(s).
Alt+U Uncomment line(s).
Ctrl+F Find and replace.
F3 Find next.
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move the cursor to the previous word.
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move the cursor to the next word.
Home Move to beginning of line.
End Move to end of line.
Ctrl+Home Move to beginning of file.
Ctrl+End Move to end of file.