Example of Interference Between Three Dipoles

An antenna array is used to show the workflow of the application macro and calculate the interference matrix for the multiport scenario.

In three_dipole_example.cfx, three dipole antennas are created and positioned a distance from each other. Electric symmetry is used to reduce runtime but is not required.
Figure 1. Example of model setup for the three dipole scenario.

Tip: Find the examples in the <FEKO_SHARED_HOME> directory:


In the S-parameter solution request, all the ports are added, and the characteristic impedance for each port is set to 50 ohms.
Figure 2. The Request S-parameters dialog.

Restriction: All ports of interest need to be added to the S-parameter request, and all ports in the request must be set active. The application macro calculates the complete interference matrix for all ports in the request.