Updating From a Local Repository (Command Line)

Download a new software update (or upgrade) from a local repository using the command line utility.

  1. Open a command terminal using the Launcher utility.
  2. Download the latest version using one of the following workflows:
    • To update (if an update is available) within the current minor version, type:
      feko_update --update-from LOCATION
    • To upgrade to a new minor version, type:
      feko_update --upgrade-from LOCATION VERSION

    where LOCATION is either an absolute file path which can point to an unmapped network share (Windows), mapped (mounted) network share or a directory on a local drive that can contain either extracted archives, multiple zipped archives or a single zipped archive.

    The version is the minor version that you would like to upgrade to and would usually be 1, 2 or 3, but it is possible to use latest to upgrade to the latest version.

    The command line updater has many options to check for updates without updating or update to the latest version. Use the following command to see a list of options:
    feko_update --help