Feko Modelling and Performance

Generate a model with the optimum values in Feko and solve.

The optimisation relied on five samples within the frequency range of interest, namely 3.96 - 4.00 GHz. To get a better sense of the frequency response for the optimum model, it is run in Feko.
  1. Make a copy of the original CADFEKO model.
  2. Update the following variables.
    • S1 = 0.45
    • S2 = 1.9254786
    • S3 = 2.20
  3. Include the S-parameter configuration labelled SParamBand that is defined over the frequency range.
  4. Mesh the model and run the Solver.
    The results show a reflection coefficient of less than -10 dB over the design frequency range.

    Figure 1. S-parameters for the bandpass filter between 3.9 – 4.1 GHz.