Adding a Result Trace to a Cartesian Graph

Add a trace (for this example, a far field result) to a Cartesian graph.

myFarFieldTrace = myGraph.Traces:Add(myFarFieldResult)

Figure 1. The traces panel in the result palette.
  1. A trace is an object and since there may be multiple traces in the project, it is part of the ResultTraceCollection.
  2. Search for ResultTraceCollection in the Help1.
  3. In ResultTraceCollection, under Method List, search for an applicable method:
    • Add(result)
    Since we already have a handle on the far field result, the result is:
  4. Determine the syntax to prepend to Add(myFarFieldResult):
    1. Since Add(myFarFieldResult) is a method, it is indicated by prepending a “:” (colon).
    2. In the Help, under ResultTraceCollection > Usage locations, note the following:
      CartesianGraph object has collection Traces.
      The result is then:
    3. Since we already have a handle on the Cartesian graph, the result is:
  5. Add a reference to the trace:
    myFarFieldTrace = myGraph.Traces:Add(myFarFieldResult)
1 The API is available in the Feko Scripting and API Reference Guide (PDF) or Feko WebHelp.