Creating the Model

Create the model in CADFEKO. Define any ports and sources required for the model. Specify the operating frequency or frequency range for the model.

  1. Use the model considered in MoM Model and rename the file.
  2. Define the following variable:
    • r1 = 1.2 (Radius of FEM vacuum sphere.)
  3. Create a new dielectric labeled air with the default properties of Free space.
  4. Create a sphere.
    • Definition method: Centre, radius
    • Centre: (0, 0, 0)
    • Radius: r1
  5. Set the regions of both spheres to air.
    Tip: A dielectric with similar properties to free space is used instead of free space. It allows the region to be meshed as a tetrahedral volume for FEM.
  6. Union the two spheres.
  7. Set the solver method for the regions to FEM.
  8. Add a single incident plane wave with θ=90° and ϕ=180°.