Deployment Configuration

The deployment configuration for this Edge Application is as follows:
Figure 1. RapidMiner Scoring Agent Deployment Configuration

For each instance a unique "Release Name" and a "Unique Identifier" are required. The release name can be anything that does not conflict with existing applications running at the edge. It is recommended to use a naming scheme with the "rapidminer-scoring-agent-" prefix, appended with the unique identifier. This unique identifier is the scoring agent ID used by the support service.

The scoring agent requires a license key. This license can be obtained from your RapidMiner account (contact RapidMiner support for more details). It should be filled in here as a text string.

To run with specific libraries you need to specify the Docker image name and tag from the available list.

If you want pre-load a RapidMiner zip file on to the scoring agent then you can enter the URL from where the zip file can be downloaded (has to be public).

The Support RapidMiner application can be used to manage the deployments of the scoring agents (add, delete and execute).