Unrouted Net

This item can detect the dangling net and check the connected net to see if the net is completely connected to pin or not.

Even if nothing selected, this item detects the dangling net.
  • Option
    • Jumper Component Group: If a jumper is used, set the jumper component group. If a net is connected to the defined jumper, it will be skipped for checking.
    • Exception Net: Define excluding net for checking
    • Except One Pin Net: If a net is assigned to only one pin, it will be excluded.
    • Except Component Group: Option to exclude a component group from checking.
    • Recognize as connected for the overlapped pads: Option to recognize as connected that footprint pads are overlapped without a route pattern.
  • Pin Connection Status: Can check the pattern connection to pin.
    • Component Selection: Select target component between All components and a certain Component Group. If a pattern is not connected to a pin area, it will be detected.
    • Detect the end point of pattern which is not connected to pin area: If the end point of a pattern is not located in the pin area, it will be detected.

      Figure 1.
  • Center Point Missed
    • Pin: Can check the contact of pattern to see if it is connected to pin center point or not. It can give allowable tolerance to check.
      • Example-Pin Case

        Figure 2.
    • Pattern: If the center point of each pattern should be contacted, it can be checked here.
      • Example-Pattern Case

        Figure 3.