Lines Between Two Pins

Check the number of patterns, the distance between pins, and the distance between pin and patterns.

  • Target Layer Definition: Define target checking layer.
    • Top/Bottom/All Layers: Select target layer(s) among selections.
  • Option
    • Check Component placed layer only for DIP type Component: If this option is selected, checking will be done only for DIP type component placed layer.
  • Checking
    • Add Component Group into Table: Pressing this button will add new checking lines to the table.
    • Check Item: Specify the item name of line.
    • Component Group: Specify target components from the component group list.
    • APC (Allowable Pattern Count): Give the maximum number of routing patterns between two pins.
    • SBP (Spacing between Patterns): Give the clearance value between routing patterns.
    • SBPP (Spacing between Pattern and Pad): Give the clearance value between routing pattern and pins.
    • CL (Center Line): Check whether patterns between two pins are located in exact center of two pins.

      Figure 1.
    • SNE (Same Net Exception): Among patterns, if routing patterns are connected to target pins, they will be excluded in checking.