Acute Angle

Check the Angle formed by objects and segments

Copper (Pad, Copper Polygon, Pattern) Detects the part where the angle formed by the segments of the object is less than the set value.
  • Target Definition
    • Layer: Select layer to be inspected.
      • Top: Set the Top Pad + Top Signal.
      • Bottom: Set the Bottom Pad + Bottom Signal.
      • Inner: Set the Inner Signal.
      • Solder Mask: Set the Solder Mask Top/Bottom.
      • Metal Mask: Set the Metal Mask Top/Bottom.
    • Target Area
      • All: All coppers on design will be target coppers.
      • Component: Component on design will be target component.
        • Component Group: Select component from component group list.
  • Checking
    • Allowable acute angle(Deg.): Set the minimum allowable acute angle.
    • Exclude Nets: Set the net setting excluded from inspection target through net string filter.