Center Line Mark

Check the rule for Center Line Mark in FPCB.

Center Line Mark is used for denoting pads are connecting. Sometimes it might be used for JIG for pressing in manufacturing process.

The Center Line Mark dialog contains the following sections:
  • FPC Component Selection: Define target FPC components.
    • Component Selection: Select target FPC components from component group list.
  • Center Line Mark Definition: Define target center line mark with layer and mark width.
    • Center Line Mark Layer: Select the center line mark existing layer from the layer list.
    • Range of Center Line Mark Width: Set the range of center mark width using the floating value input tool. If center line mark width is out of this range, it cannot be target center mark.
  • Checking
    • Minimum Number of connected Pads for Center Line Mark: Check the minimum number of connected pads.
    • Checking Solder Mask Opened for Center Line Mark: Check if solder mask data is opened in the center mark region. If solder mask is opened in the center line mark region, it is a fail.