Slip distribution table

When “Table” is selected, the list of slips to be considered must be defined by using the next field: “Slip table” and by clicking on the button “Set values”.

Two ways are possible to fill the table: either filling the table line by line or by importing an excel file where all the slips to be considered are defined.
Note: The slips must be listed in ascending order.

Slip distribution mode = Table
1 Select the “Table” option.

Click the button “Set values” of the field “Slip table” to open a dialog box to define the list of slips to be considered.

Refer to the next illustration which shows how to fill the Slip table.

3 Button to validate and consider the user inputs
4 Button to run the computation

Slip distribution mode = Table – Dialog box to define the list of slips
1 Dialog box opened when clicked on the button “Set values” in the field “Slip table”
2 Browse the folder to select an Excel file which defined the list of slips
3 Button to refresh the table data when the considered Excel file has been modified
4 Fields to be filled with data to describe the considered slips
5 Button to apply the inputs
6 Button to erase the data table
Note: The Excel template used to import a list of slips is stored in the folder Resource/Template in the installation folder of FluxMotor®. An example of this template is displayed below.
Excel file template to define the list of slips
Note: The slips must be listed in ascending order, and we recommend defining at least a hundred values.