Inputs - Outputs

Example for stator lamination

Assign materials to the stator magnetic circuit
1 Expand the section dedicated to the magnetic circuit.Different materials (LAMINATION type or SOLID type) can be assigned to it.
2 The magnetic circuit of the stator can be subdivided into several parts (Yoke, Tooth, Tooth foot etc.).
3 By selecting a region name (Tooth for example) the corresponding face region is highlighted.
4 Expand the material list to choose a material to assign to the magnetic circuit.

Only one material can be assigned to the stator magnetic circuit.

In our example, it is not possible to assign different materials to sub regions like Yoke, Tooth and Tooth foot for example.

5 Button to restore default materials.

Default materials are those defined as favorite materials in Material database.

See “Materials” application for more information.

6 Button to validate assignment of materials. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.

For more information about the rules leading to the building of parts like slots, please refer to Part Factory application.