Export a script


Next to the function “Report”, the function “Script” gives the capability to build and export a python script file, in which all the needed command lines are written to rebuild the considered motor. The script is generated with all the needed sections and sub-sections in the Motor Factory, dedicated to the design, the test, and the exports.

Then Script Factory can be used to automate some study such like running serial tests or serial design configurations.

Area to build the script export

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export a python script
1 In Motor Factory select EXPORT / SCRIPT environment.
2 The EXPORT / SCRIPT environment user input allows to define the name and the location of the new script file + the name of the motor to be rebuilt from the new python script file, with the catalog name in which it will be stored.
Note: Without defining other names for the motor and/or the catalog, the original motor would be overwritten while running the new python script file.
3 Button to build and to export the resulting python file.
4 Button to build and to export the resulting python file, and then to open it directly and automatically in Script Factory