Synchronous machines – Motor Factory – Test environment

Working point – Square wave – Forced I – and delta connection.

When running the test “Working point – Square wave – Motor – Forced I” with a delta winding connection, two electrical periods are considered for reaching the steady state behavior of the motor. However, sometimes two periods are not enough to get a good convergence of the process, and therefore, the displayed results may not correctly represent the steady state.

Motors built and tested with previous versions can be loaded with the current version. The existing "current tests" are removed and transformed into "saved tests" with reference to the original version (all the previous versions).

Sometimes, the results of the current tests are removed. The test must be executed again to get the corresponding results.

Delta winding connection

When a delta winding connection is considered, the computation doesn’t consider the circulating currents. This can lead to a different result than expected in transient computation for the test "Characterization - Open-circuit - back-emf".

In such a case, it is recommended to perform a transient computation in the Altair® Flux® environment. The application “Export to Flux®” thereby allows exporting this kind of model to the corresponding scenario ready to be solved.

Evaluation of the maximum achievable speed

The aim of this result is to give a rough estimation of the maximum reachable speed, that can be achieved by the machine. This computation is performed by considering the MTPV command mode. However, when the resulting control angle is low (no saliency in the airgap of the machine), the evaluation of the maximum achievable speed may be far away from the maximum speed given by the “Performance mapping – Sine wave – Motor - Efficiency map” test.

Export to FeMT

The export of projects to FEMT is limited to SMPM inner Rotor machines.

Furthermore, when there is more than one parallel path, export to FeMT is blocked because the two electric circuit models are not yet compatible in the electric circuit built by FluxMotor. Here, parallel paths are built to represent the corresponding parallel circuits.