Model for Flux Skew

1. Introduction

The aim of this export is to provide a python file which allows to get a full parametrized model ready to be used in Altair® Flux® SKEW environment.

All the models to be exported are first classified by considering the type of application for which they are built (STATIC or TRANSIENT).

Then, for the tests in Motor Factory Test environment, the models are associated with a convention of operating (Motor or Generator) and grouped into packages itself to get classified into model families.

In the current version of Altair® FluxMotor® three models can be exported to Flux® Skew environment:

Application Model family Package Convention Model / Test
STATIC Without solving scenario Current source Motor & Generator Basic model
TRANSIENT Working point Sine wave Motor I-Ψ-N

The following section give a short description of all the models available for exportation to Flux® 2D environment.

2. Area to build and to export a model to Flux® Skew environment

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export model for Flux® Skew environment
1 Selection of the EXPORT area of Motor Factory.
2 Access to the area in which a model for Flux® Skew environment can be made
3 Zone to visualize the overview of the selected model to be exported
4 Click on the tab to select the application (STATIC or TRANSIENT)
5 3 steps to build the model to be exported for Flux® Skew environment
6 Button to validate inputs and export the python file for building the model in Flux® Skew environment.

3. Particularities in building and to exporting a model to Flux® Skew environment

A user who wants to build and export a model to Flux® Skew has to follow the same steps and recommendations as with the function “FLUX 2D”.

The main particularity of function “FLUX SKEW” is that the “ Skew number of layers ” is an input, that must be defined. Its default value is 3.

Even if the design of the machine is defined with “continuous skew”, the “ Skew number of layers ” is necessary for Flux® to define the finite elements model in the Flux® Skew environment. A high number of layers gives more accurate finite elements computations. However, it needs higher computation time. For that purpose, the value 3 is a good compromise between accuracy and speed.

Motor Factory – EXPORT AREA – Export a model for Flux® Skew
1 Tab to define the initial conditions for the simulation process in Flux® Skew environment
2 Settings like thermal and mechanical conditions can be defined
3 User inputs dealing with the considered test can be defined
4 The tab corresponding to advanced parameters can be expanded.Advanced parameters can also be defined, if needed.
5 Button to validate the previous choices