Advice for use

Advice for use

The choice of diameters is possible over the range [1, 20000] mm.

The number of slots is possible over the range [3, 2400].

The number of phases is possible over the range [3, 15]. Only an odd number of phases are allowed (available for polyphase machines).

The number of poles is possible over the range [2, 400].

For more information, see the list of allowed combinations between the number of slots and the number of poles, synthesized in the section dedicated to winding.

Note: Our processes for building and computations have been qualified over the following data ranges:
  • Range for diameters [1, 1000] mm.
  • Range for number of slots [3, 90].
  • Range for number of phases [3,15] (only for polyphase machines).
  • Range for number of poles [2, 80].

Working beyond these limits is possible but accurate results are the responsibility of the user.